One Customer

Many years ago I had a client that gave me the best feedback I had ever received and he did so without even knowing it. I was working with a company developing a new strategy for an unexpected surge in business. We worked diligently to expand his message and to make sure that they could accommodate the quick growth in terms of personel and production.

We spent a good amount of time on the phone an in person, one day he asked me how many clients I had. I thought that was a strange and somewhat direct question. I told him that he was one of many and that we had business all throughout the world. He was a bit surprised by my answer and went on to tell me that the reason he asked was that he felt like he was my only client. He was very happy with the time and attention he received from my company and felt like he must only be one of a few not many.

It was an extremely validating conversation and it made me realize that service and relationships create confidence, loyalty and longevity. Make sure your clients/customers are taken care of because as they say, if you don’t someone else will.

It’s imperative that you integrate a time management system that allows you to simply touch base and say hello to your customer base on a regular basis. Make sure they know that you still want to help and are interested in them. A simple “Hey Mike, how are thing going for you” phone call goes a long way!

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