Company Case Study

National sub-metering company established new sales and marketing initiatives, enhanced their accounting practices, and grew their brand nationally by identifying emerging markets and new sales channels.

At a glance


  • Unorganized sales process and pipeline
  • Lack of direction
  • Stagnant brand
  • Loss of distribution


  • Increased sales
  • Optimized cashflow
  • Clear direction and goals
  • Better processes
  • Increased market share


The company needed to re-engineer their sales and marketing practices in order to regain a high degree of market share. Steve and his team had to eliminate years of stagnation and identify new growth channels with a fresh vision and clearly defined goals. They needed to initiate new vendor channels and create incentives that would entice different distribution outlets.


Chalifour Consulting Group researched the market and existing business practices to adjust the branding and message of the company based on the climate of the industry. CCG created sales processes and established short and long term goals. The entire staff was trained on the best approach to sales, sales management, pipeline growth, CRM utilization, streamlined accounting, and other cash flow processes. CCG conducted a thorough SWOT analysis, which created the basis for a comprehensive marketing strategy.


  • Sales Management

    The company was able to manage leads and pipelines more effectively, allowing for the closure of more sales.

  • Financial Strategies

    Cashflow struggles were virtually eliminated and receivable aging was immediately reduced.

  • Goals and Vision

    All employees understood the objectives and processes to achieve their goals.

  • Sales and Marketing Training

    Staff was trained on how to identify emerging markets and how to tap into those markets in a profitable way.
“Before I went with Chalifour Consulting Group, I was very discouraged about our business direction. I knew we needed to make changes or we would eventually close the doors. With CCG's help we were able to establish a new vision and energy. We are now the leading provider of sub-metering equipment nationwide”
Steve D.
Sub-Metering Manufacturer