Company Case Study

A startup commercial and residential cleaning company struggling with the key items needed to get the business launched.

At a glance


  • No Pricing Model
  • Not legally established
  • No personnel model
  • No Client acquisition model


  • Established the business
  • Developed personnel plan
  • Created and implemented key systems
  • Implemented sales & marketing plan


Despite a long standing history in the industry, starting the business was a difficult endeavor. This included, establishing themselves as a legal entity, creating efficient systems and processes, designing a competitive price book, and meeting all state and city requirements.


Chalifour Consulting researched the legal entities and the pro’s and con’s of each determining the best structure. CCG was able to develop and create a pricing structure and menu that was used to promote and acquire new business while being very competitive. CCG established a system for the business that created a streamlined process eliminating ambiguity and creating a standard for expectations leveraging key industry software. CCG also helped the company adhere to the local regulations and standards with future oversight and planning.


  • Legal Establishment

    The team is now legally able to operate business from a client, personnel, and state standpoint.

  • Processes & Systems

    Leveraging key software and manual processes, the business is now able to operate efficiently now and into the future.

  • Personnel Improvement

    Now operating in an established personnel structure from hiring and onboarding to training.

  • Business Strategies

    Streamlined approach to scaling and organization with oversight and accountability measure to maintain growth.
“Craig and the Chalifour Consulting team were nothing short at exceptional when it came to helping us to build our business. Their attention to detail and their different backgrounds were extremely helpful to cover all areas of my business. Highly recommended, look forward to working with them again."
William F.
Cleaning Company Owner