Company Case Study

A very prominent cancer research foundation discovered an incredible opportunity to increase revenue which would catapult the overall cancer research budget but didn’t know how to develop, implement and launch.

At a glance


  • No path forward to create new revenue streams
  • Ambiguous direction
  • Brand confusion
  • ineffective marketing



  • Increased exposure
  • Clearly defined brands
  • Clear direction and goals
  • Improved processes
  • Increased revenue


The foundation needed to clearly define their goals and vision. There needed to be straight forward and concise action steps with accountability at the team level in order to create the necessary processes. They needed to create a sales and marketing strategy to expand on their existing outreach efforts and orchestrate a new workflow process complete with accounting oversight.


An effective and streamlined workflow process was created with a clearly defined organizational chart. Accountability measures were added for increased sales production. All branding and marketing efforts were identified under one umbrella brand while creating unique brand positioning for new revenue streams. Mission, vision & value statements were created and permeated throughout the organization creating a unified organization with eyes and heart focused on the overall vision. All accounting and administrative processes were organized and streamlined.


  • Branding

    All brands were uniquely different but tied to the overall mission, vision and value that the foundation promoted

  • Financial Strategies

    Created an efficiency that allowed finances to dictate decisions while creating a strong accounting process

  • Goals and Vision

    All employees understood the objectives and processes to achieve their goals and the overall vision.

  • Sales and Marketing Training

    All team members were trained to look outside the box in a way that allowed them to see a need and strive to fill the need. This also involved many community
    outreach efforts in order to develop exposure.
"We knew we were onto a great way to increase revenue that would allow our cancer research to be expanded, we just didn't quite know what the process was. Chalifour Consulting stepped in, took control and created the exact steps that we needed to take. They took the time to understand us and learn about our needs and then created a path forward for us"
Cancer Research Foundation Senior Director