Company Case Study

A premiere interior design firm established effective protocols and processes creating a streamlined approach to customer expectations and satisfaction.

At a glance


  • Undefined expectations
  • Unorganized agreements
  • Lack of training
  • Pricing ambiguity


  • Increased sales
  • Clear direction
  • More time for growth
  • Increased employee moral
  • High degree of customer satisfaction


Matt needed to create a system for his staff to establish client and contractor expectations and boundaries. A standardized pricing system was needed in addition to executive coaching to create a comfort level with sales and marketing initiatives and client satisfaction. Client and contractor agreements needed to be enhanced.


Chalifour Consulting Group evaluated the existing business practices and all external communication with clients and contractors. CCG worked with Matt and his staff to develop new agreements and a restructured pricing model. CCG created a system and procedure for communicating expectations and timeframes to both clients and contractors, eliminating ambiguity. CCG also trained Matt and his staff in ways to anticipate potential bottlenecks and mitigate delivery and shipping challenges.


  • Clear and Concise Communication

    Eliminated ambiguity and provided a clear and concise process of managing expectations.

  • Standardized Pricing

    Streamlined pricing structure creating a unified approach to quoting and proposals.

  • Straight Forward Agreements

    Organized and simplified agreements in order to clearly outline roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

  • Sales and Marketing Training

    Identified potential add-on sales opportunities and lead sources.
“I have been working with Chalifour Consulting for over a year and they have really helped me see things within my business model in a whole new light. I am already feeling more confident, organized, and successful. They have given me the tools to find my niche and be a better entrepreneur. ”
Matt k.
interior design Firm Owner