Johnny, your 8 year old buyer

Maybe you are new to sales looking to learn the ropes or maybe you are a sales professional looking for another edge. In either case you must know that in almost all situations your buyer is an 8 year old boy named Johnny. This is a perplexing thought for many of you as I would imagine you are probably dealing with highly professional and successful people. With that said, almost all true buyers (blog post coming soon on the “True Buyer”) have the same set of personality traits when dealing with a sales person. A set of personality traits that are not that different than an 8 year old boy. 

Think about the last sales pitch you had.. how long did it last? Was there a decision made? Did you have to persuade the buyer to take the egg that you hoped he’d choose? If you are any good at sales then you are probably pretty good at reading peoples body language and there overall demeanor. Here are a few facts: 

  • Your buyer loses interest after about 10 minutes of conversation (No matter how stimulating you think you are) 
  • Your buyer does not really care about you or your company 
  • Your buyer only cares about how you can help him and his company (Dont get lost in company history or where you went to college)
  • Your buyer is indecisive 
  • Your buyer does not really know what he wants 

The facts listed above are very similar to facts that would be noted about the average 8 year old boy. Now you may be looking at this list and be thinking my buyer is different, I can assure you he is not. Remember that if you secured a meeting with a buyer then you did something right, do not waste the meeting by bragging about you or your company. Get to the facts and illustrate why the buyer needs you! 

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