We are a full-service consulting agency designed for professionals and their businesses. We understand that many different challenges arise in business. We determine what the root cause is and implement a cure, not a band-aid. With leading business methods and best practices being developed and implemented every day, we ensure success with our clients by consistently leading the charge with new business practices without reinventing the wheel.
We are founded on the roots of loving the heart of every solid business: sales. Both Ken and Craig began their careers in the sales industry. Working their way up the corporate ladder to owning and being high-level executives at their respective companies. It is along this path that we developed our love and a great understanding for the business world through many trials and tribulations.
As a result of our many years of implementing strategies and techniques, we are confident that we will be able to improve our client's current condition. We are a multigenerational company that strives in meshing two different worlds for one integrated solution. To learn more about Ken or Craig please click on our names below to be directed to our personal LinkedIn Pages.
We are honored and humbled to have received two distinctions this year: Thumbtack Top Pro 2021 and Best Small Business Development Consultancy - USA by the Corporate Vision 2021 Small Business Awards.
Ken Chalifour
Craig Chalifour

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