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The fundamental processes and functions of your business need to be easily duplicated. It's important that this foundation is created, adjusted, formulated, and finalized in such a way that it can be taught and replicated, all while monitored and measured for continued success. The important piece here is that stagnation and complacency do not occur. We encourage an awareness and enlightened view of your industry and evolving business practices.
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There are many aspects of developing an effective marketing campaign such as branding, unique selling proposition, message, reputation, and more. We can work with you and your staff to enhance and hone in on exactly those things that set you apart from your competition and market those things through various strategic channels.

Strategy and Business Discovery

In many cases, business owners and employees are simply too close to challenges inside an organization to identify them, let alone correct or adjust them. We help you, from an outsider's perspective, identify what may be causing your business to stagnate or run you. We provide you with an objective and fresh viewpoint without worrying about what people in your company might think about the results and how they were achieved. Once these challenges are identified, we work with you to develop a strategy to smooth out those areas or remove them.

Change Implementation

Everyone knows that nobody likes change, especially in business. We also know that in order to succeed, change is necessary. Our job is to help you identify and facilitate areas that need work. Essentially to "get the ball rolling." We are able to achieve success without getting involved with the existing business culture, employee morale, or other issues that get in the way when a company is trying to make changes in order to expand or grow.

Personal HR Team

Whether you are attempting to hire the next best executive, grooming a current employee, or trying to retain your best people, you need the process and the time to do so and we are here to help. In addition to working with compensation plans and current and future employees, we will also facilitate and mediate negotiations, handle conflict resolution, and implement processes for both negotiations and conflicts.

Negotiating a Win Win

We are experts at negotiating a win for all parties involved. Nobody wants to be sold anything or walk away from the table with a loss. We can step in as your arbitrator and work with you in negotiating new contracts, compensation plans, vendor agreements, succession plans or anything that requires there to be an agreement or bargaining. We understand that when all parties involved walk away from a negotiation feeling like they have achieved a solid agreement then everybody wins.

Speaking, Training, Motivation

Chalifour Consulting is available for speaking engagements. 30 years of business has allowed us to develop many talents in the areas of motivational speaking, keynote addresses, sales training, companywide product releases, management training and C-SUITE level training.

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