Company Case study

A leading mid-western digital marketing firm increased cashflow and expanded their product offering without adding additional expenses or time.


  • Long duration projects
  • Inaccurate timeframes
  • Lagging cashflow
  • Unorganized workflow


  • Increased sales
  • 125% growth in 12 months
  • Efficient workflow
  • Increased cashflow
    25% client growth

Teresa and her staff needed to optimize their time and find ways to increase profits while reducing time spent on projects. Short and long term goals needed to be established in addition to a streamlined system for acquiring clients and managing project workflow. The company also needed standard processes and procedures for completing projects on time.

Chalifour Consulting Group immersed themselves into the company and learned all aspects of their current business practices. CCG was able to streamline most projects into organized workflow systems and increase the profit margin of all projects. We engaged in a value stream mapping system in order to determine similar projects that could be grouped together, which drastically improved efficiency. This

allowed for more projects to be completed in a shorter amount of time.

  • Defined Workflow Processes

    The team is now able to complete more projects in a shorter amount of time with higher profits.
  • Residual Income Model


    The firm can bring on more clients paying monthly rather than all at once, creating longevity.
  • Clear and Concise Project Management


    Each project has a strong oversight allowing for less errors and better client satisfaction.
  • Sales and Marketing Training


    Created sales processes and systems designed to increase sales and organize leads into a pipeline.
“I finished off 2021 with a 125% growth in sales from 2020 to 2021, and 2022 is already growing beyond what I accomplished in 2021! Plus, for the first time I am able to see my business and what I am now building as a solid business I can one day sell when I am ready for my next adventure."
Digital Marketing Firm Owner