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Start-ups are a dime or dozen and 20% of small businesses fail in their first year. We work with you to ensure that you are a business that not only does not fail but thrives within its first year. We follow the same three prong approach as our Business Positioning System: discovery, development, and implementation. The three main pillars are formation, growth, and continuation.

Business Plans

Chalifour Consulting develops a high-impact, full coverage business plans designed to acquire funding through a lending institution or from private investment.
The business plan will serve as a roadmap for the business quest, as well as a pitch tool to encourage outside investment. The main objective with our business plans is to secure funding. Our business plans include but not limited to; a full report on the market, overview of marketing plan, SWOT analysis, brief competition analysis in the area, and full financial rundown projecting costs and revenues through the first 3 years of operation.
Our business plans range from 30-50 pages and are extremely comprehensive. We have written business plans requesting funding ranging from $30,000 to $50,000,000.

Marketing Plans

Chalifour Consulting develops a strategic marketing plans designed to grow a new or existing business market share. Chalifour Consulting accomplishes this by implementing key marketing strategies, tools and channel research for advertising, marketing and market reach.
Understanding the marketing avenues where the best leads come from, as it pertains to the target market, is by far the most difficult endeavors for businesses. Our marketing plan and implementation will initially commence as an exploratory search based on market research to assess which channels will yield the best results.
Based on our years of professional experience, the marketing efforts would consist of data/metric driven marketing, website evaluation and optimization to utilize data, direct mail campaigns, Google Ads, Facebook advertising, email drip marketing, and developing a repeatable process proven for success.


Starting a company is hard there are many processes and steps that need to be taken to close your first sale. We guide you through this entire process to make sure that you understand and have the best foundation for success.


Sales is the most critical aspect of any business and cash flow issues is the number one reason that businesses fail. As a startup there needs to be a balance of sales and processes. We ensure that your business is setup to sell while maintaining a professional appearance enabling growth.


This establishes the entire process to start your business from formation to website creation to your first sale. Consider this the complete roadmap and to start and run your business from day one to year ten.

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