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Start-ups are a dime or dozen and 20% of small businesses fail in their first year. We work with you to ensure that you are a business that not only does not fail but thrives within its first year. We follow the same three prong approach as our Business Positioning System: discovery, development, and implementation. The three main pillars are formation, growth, and continuation.
Our business consulting services provide comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes. We specialize in helping clients create and execute effective strategies to expand their reach, maximize resources, and optimize operations. We provide tailored solutions that are designed to meet our customers' needs, as well as help them stay competitive in today's market.
We have a team of professionals with years of experience in the industry who can offer insightful advice on everything from finance and operations to marketing and business development. CCG will work closely with your team to develop custom strategies that are in line with your goals and objectives.
We believe in taking a holistic approach when it comes to business consulting services. That means that we look at the entire picture – not just individual components – so that we can properly assess what areas need improvement and then formulate action plans accordingly. In doing so, we strive to bring out the best potential in our clients’ businesses by providing market research and analysis, feasibility studies, financial modelling, business plan development, reviews of current processes, benchmarking performance against competitors, developing marketing campaigns and pitching investors or lenders.
We understand the importance of creating a detailed plan before starting a business venture. That's why our process is tailored to each clients needs and include key information such as market analysis, industry trends, competitor evaluation, customer segmentation, value street mapping and SWOT analysis and more.
At the end of the day, you can rest assured knowing that CCG has the knowledge and skill needed to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Our goal is always to add value to your organization through our unique approach focused on cost-effectiveness and commercial success.


Starting a company is hard there are many processes and steps that need to be taken to close your first sale. We guide you through this entire process to make sure that you understand and have the best foundation for success.


Sales is the most critical aspect of any business and cash flow issues is the number one reason that businesses fail. As a startup there needs to be a balance of sales and processes. We ensure that your business is setup to sell while maintaining a professional appearance enabling growth.


This establishes the entire process to start your business from formation to website creation to your first sale. Consider this the complete roadmap and to start and run your business from day one to year ten.


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