As a business consulting firm we do not have a one size fits all solution or approach to business consulting. Our proprietary Business Positioning System utilizes a three-prong approach: discovery, development, and implementation.

Our business consulting company has created The Business Positioning System which we use to optimize businesses for sustained success.

Start-ups are a dime or dozen and 20% of small businesses fail in their first year. We work with you to ensure that you are a business that not only does not fail but thrives within its first year. We follow the same three prong approach as our Business Positioning System: discovery, development, and implementation. The three main pillars are formation, growth, and continuation.

A business plan is essential for guiding decisions, securing funding, fostering accountability, and ensuring long-term success.

Business consulting serves as a guiding light for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of today’s market. It offers invaluable insights and actionable strategies to optimize performance and drive growth. At its core, business consulting is about fostering innovation, streamlining processes, and maximizing efficiency. It empowers businesses to adapt to changing landscapes and seize opportunities that propel them towards long-term success.
Within the realm of business consulting, firms like CCG play a pivotal role in transforming visions into realities. Their expertise spans a multitude of domains, from organizational restructuring to technological integration. By leveraging their knowledge and experience, businesses gain a competitive edge and unlock their full potential.
The Business Positioning System developed by CCG exemplifies this transformative approach. Through meticulous analysis and strategic planning, it equips businesses with the tools needed to thrive in dynamic environments. From identifying market gaps to implementing scalable solutions, every step is meticulously crafted to drive sustainable growth.
In essence, business consulting is more than just a service; it’s an investment in future prosperity. By partnering with seasoned professionals, businesses can navigate challenges with confidence and chart a course towards unparalleled success. It’s a journey marked by innovation, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to excellence. And with each milestone achieved, businesses inch closer to realizing their full potential in a rapidly evolving world.


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Starting a company is hard there are many processes and steps that need to be taken to close your first sale. We guide you through this entire process to make sure that you understand and have the best foundation for success.


Sales is the most critical aspect of any business and cash flow issues is the number one reason that businesses fail. As a startup there needs to be a balance of sales and processes. We ensure that your business is setup to sell while maintaining a professional appearance enabling growth.


This establishes the entire process to start your business from formation to website creation to your first sale. Consider this the complete roadmap and to start and run your business from day one to year ten.