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Receive a step-by-step business evaluation and strategy to regain control and start being proactive instead of reactive. This change will free up your time and allow for significant business growth.


  • Morning anxiety over cash flow?
  • Sleepless nights worrying about financial growth or wondering where your money is going?
  • Not sure what your employees are doing or who to hire next?
  • Feeling less accomplished at the end of the day?
  • Customers suffering due to inadequate business processes?

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Our team has extensive experience in crafting business plans that open doors to funding.

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From initial validation to final presentation, we guide you at every step.

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With over 30 years of experience and a track record spanning global industries, we help small to medium-sized businesses redefine and streamline processes. We bridge the gap between traditional models and the dynamic, contemporary business landscape.

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Join us for a 20-minute Zoom call to discuss your business needs. You'll receive valuable insights and a detailed business evaluation with actionable steps to implement immediately—no sales pressure, just pure value.

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5 of 5 (1655 reviews)

Justin Eldred
Justin Eldred
Craig and the Chalifour group was a pleasure to work with. He guided us through the NYS Cannabis Microbusiness application process, which was very helpful as I was not familiar with many of the requirements. He checked in with us regularly for updates, and was always responsive. Highly recommended.
Ali Ali
Ali Ali
I enjoyed working with this group, they handle situations in a simple way and they have amazing experience. They clarify and explain things with dignity. This is one of the best companies to work with if your looking for quality support.
Zachary Hood
Zachary Hood
My time with Craig at The Chalifour Consulting Group was nothing short of transformative! Over just a month, Craig's insights and support propelled my small business plans forward in ways I couldn't have imagined. His infectious enthusiasm and tailored advice made every session engaging and impactful. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, Craig and The Chalifour Consulting Group are the team you need by your side!
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson
Craig, Ken, and the team at Chalifour Consulting have become true partners in our business. We started the business in 2009 and recently have wanted to expand regionally and nationally. Craig worked closely with us to streamline operations allowing us to be able to scale and initiated some key marketing strategies that will enhance revenue production allowing for quick expansion. Looking forward to a continued relationship!
Kellie Taylor
Kellie Taylor
We have been working with Craig and Chalifour Consulting for about a year and have accomplished a great deal in nearly all realms including operations, marketing, and personnel. We have been in business for over 20 years and have had steady growth. We are now at the point where we needed some assistance to refine and assist in the next level. Very pleased with the current relationship and assistance and excited for continued progress and growth.
liz funk
liz funk
Ken and Craig helped us move our mission along with strong guidance and expertise. We are so grateful for their help.
Lauren Wingo
Lauren Wingo
I met with Craig to discuss ways to expand my business based on an excellent referral from a friend and he did not disappoint! Craig outlined a plan to increase my client base quickly, while adding value to my clients. The Chalifour Consulting Group exceeded my expectations! Highly recommend!
Heather McDowell
Heather McDowell
Craig and Ken were so helpful in building out my strategic plan for my next entrepreneurial venture. I was in a “paralyzed position” not knowing what to do next. Having them create a detailed business plan was instrumental in helping me have confidence to move forward with next steps. They were responsive, thorough and timely. I highly recommend Craig and his team.
Caleb Sims
Caleb Sims
Craig and his team were instrumental in helping launch my consumer goods business. Their step-by-step, hands on approach helped keep us organized and on schedule, while their vast industry knowledge was key in enabling us to choose the right partners and strategy for GTM, manufacturing, legal, and branding. I will continue to use them as I scale my business and would highly recommend!

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