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We do not have a one size fits all solution or approach to business consulting. Our proprietary Business Positioning System utilizes a three-prong approach: discovery, development, and implementation.
Business consulting is the practice of providing strategic and operational advice to businesses in order to help them better achieve their goals. Consulting services are usually focused on developing a company’s competitive advantage, strengthening its operations and financial performance, or navigating complex business environments. From start-ups to multinational corporations, consulting services are designed to identify areas of improvement and create strategies that will drive long-term success.
Business consultants provide expertise in a wide range of topics such as organizational structure, marketing strategy, human resources management, financial analysis and planning, IT systems implementation, process improvement and control strategy. By employing experienced professionals with specific industry knowledge and expertise, clients can benefit from deep understanding of their businesses’ key components.
CCG has developed a proprietary process called The Business Positioning System which includes three evolutionary steps: Discovery, Development and Implementation. This approach begins by launching an exploratory project with the goal of assessing current operations or initiatives for new businesses ventures. The analysis takes into account all facets of a business - from internal structure to external market conditions - in order to identify potential weaknesses, bottlenecks and opportunities for growth.
CCG then works closely with each client to develop comprehensive plans designed to enable owners to focus on growing their businesses rather than managing them day-to-day. These plans include strategies for optimizing systems, processes and personnel while also developing short-term goals as stepping stones in achieving longer-term objectives. Through this methodical approach, clients can build sustainable competitive advantages while reducing risk associated with rapid growth or change associated industries.
Ultimately, Business Consulting should be viewed as an investment capable of delivering high returns when used correctly. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of professionals like CCG who have already navigated similar paths successfully, companies can increase efficiency and profitability while positioning themselves for long-term success in an ever changing economic landscape.


The discovery phase allows us to fully understand and analyze a business before making any development and implementation decisions. This is what allows for a truly customized business solution to all of our clients.


The development phase uses the entire discovery to complete a full plan and process custom fit to your business. This is a complete roadmap to guide your business to the objective and ultimate goals.


Many of our clients choose to work with us monthly to implement the development phase of the three-prong approach. This not only ensures the highest level of business success but provides you with unfettered access to a full-service consulting team.


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