The Business
Positioning System

We do not have a one size fits all solution or approach to business consulting. Our proprietary Business Positioning System utilizes a three-prong approach: discovery, development, and implementation.
Chalifour Consulting has developed a proprietary system broken into 3 evolutionary steps, discovery, development and implementation. We use the word evolutionary because each step is dependent on the previous step. We launch a full exploratory project to analyze, evaluate, and learn about the operations of the existing business or new business venture while working closely with the client.
Upon completion of the exploratory project, The Chalifour Consulting Group, LLC will work with the client to develop a high-impact, full-coverage process. It will ultimately aim to allow the owner to work on the business rather than in the business by focusing on growth plans and establishing a procedure to operate and grow the business.
This is done by utilizing The Chalifour Consulting Group, LLC’s Business Positioning System. This evaluation and process development will serve as a road map and potential measure of future success.


The discovery phase allows us to fully understand and analyze a business before making any development and implementation decisions. This is what allows for a truly customized business solution to all of our clients.


The development phase uses the entire discovery to complete a full plan and process custom fit to your business. This is a complete roadmap to guide your business to the objective and ultimate goals.


Many of our clients choose to work with us monthly to implement the development phase of the three-prong approach. This not only ensures the highest level of business success but provides you with unfettered access to a full-service consulting team.

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